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Corporate Culture

Society Harmony,Customer Satisfaction,  Employee Happiness,Enterprise Growth
Gaojian LED Co.,Ltd’s Vision:
The driving environment becomes more comfortable because of Anycar!
Maintain industry-leading
Demonstrating Social responsibility
Gaojian LED Co.,Ltd’s Mission:
Gaojian LED Co.,Ltd’s mission is to improve people’s driving life through meaningful innovation and developing high quality LED Auto Lamps.
Gaojian LED Co.,Ltd’s Spirit:
Gaojian LED Co.,Ltd’s Value:
Respect teamwork attentiveness dedication.
Achieve excellence by taking your work seriously.
Serve customer and contribute to society.
Gaojian LED Co.,Ltd continually focuses on four critical areas:Ever-vigilant account management,Innovative lighting engineering & design,Manufacturing capabilities & experienced machinists and Quality assurance from start to finish.
We also endeavor to provide our employees with a happy environment. We believe that a happy employee can always be more efficient . Activity funds are set for the staff to hold regularly plentiful and meaningful activities. Every year, we will organize our staff and their families to have a trip.
We value all of our employee’s creativity and attach great importance to their growth and development. We have built a long term cooperation with some well-know training institutes and provide our employees with various technical trainings. We strive to build a learning organization and ensure we always have the competent staff to service our customers. 


Gaojian LED Co.,Ltd, headquartered in Guangzhou China,
is a leading manufacturer of LED automotive lighting
products and LED backlit products.Gaojian has been
designed and produced LED vehicles lights and backlit
modules since 2005, by 10 year business growth,Gaojian
has now been a 60,000 square foot factory


TEL: +86 20 3623 0840
FAX: +86 20 8605 6752


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